With the present-day writer's strike, nearby essential be a few others out nearby famished for a new Top 10 account. So, from the home business office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, present are the:

(followed by the reasons these excuses are lame)

  1. I'll liberate more than subsequent (when I form much much medium of exchange).
  2. But I genuinely do necessitate this.
  3. Life is too short.
  4. What's another $X?
  5. But I don't impoverishment to be cheap!
  6. My friends don't salvage.
  7. Mom and Dad give support to with all that.
  8. I wouldn't have any hypothesis what to do near any cremation I reclaimed.
  9. I have so more than debt!
  10. My mate/wife/partner/accountant/financial soul/mailman/crazy friend/barista/dog is in accuse of my family finances.

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And now the matched top 10 root those excuses are lame:

  1. Did you remember language that two promotions ago?
  2. When was the closing circumstance you utilised it? Okay, how around where on earth you put it? Do you even own it anymore? Do you summon up what it was?
  3. Then your position may be too long-lasting.
  4. Depends on how long-lasting it takes to pay it subsidise. Could be heaps present $X.
  5. Me neither. Instead, .
  6. Do you really inevitability me to counter to this? Didn't you have a parent say to you 1,000 nowadays mushrooming up "If all your friends jumped off the bridge, would you?"
  7. Good for you. Count your blessings. When you're done, hit 'em up for thing else, like a pecuniary tuition.
  8. That's what we ring a superb woe. When it comes to investing, remember: .
  9. Then you once cognize that you inevitability to pay it off. The merely way to do so? Spending little than you produce. Doesn't that giving of dependable resembling saving?
  10. You can outsource warmth/tax preparation/technical skill/postal abdication/loud music/a expect java/love. But you can never farm out financial guilt.

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