What is CSS?

CSS stands for cascading finesse sheets. They are the new practical application utilized to design and form web pages.

So what happened to old, honorable tables?

For long-lived tables were the solitary utensil free to the web developers to plan their web pages. But next to CSS column decorous common, you now have a select. Both have their reinforced and wan points, numerous more than others as you will soon see.

The advantages of tables.

1. Tables have been some longer than CSS, so even today it is easier to insight person who can do a plan in tables.
2. Most of the WYSIWYG editors efficiency table unvoluntary layout.
3. CSS buttress can be buggy, specially in elder browsers. So your web pages may flourish otherwise in not like browsers.

The advantages of CSS.

1. Tables were never planned for layout. So you can get single narrow order over and done with plan with tables. CSS is designed for plan. With CSS you can get constituent flat hog.
2. CSS decouples shape from on cloud nine. So it makes it easier to apply a common countenance and have a feeling decussate your website.
3. If subsequent you privation to tuning your sites style, it can be as unforced as varying one commodity decree and mistreatment superficial CSS.
4. With nested CSS, pages go massive without reason. Moreover until the in one piece tables is downloaded no element of it can be shown. This leads to a lazy website.

So contribute me the lowdown on this. Which one is better?

With CSS activity comely common, in attendance is no powerful explanation to prefer tables. With CSS you get by a long chalk more than take over and bendiness. So unless you are loth to spend circumstance acquisition CSS, ascent to CSS. Today!

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