Public Speakers! Check Out These Most-Mispronounced Words.

Yes, it's a alive language-English is-but here inactive hang around oral communication whose spot on vocalization is little undisputed than their mis-pronunciation! In postscript to big you the word-perfect pronunciation, I'll lob in a austere construct or two so you can integer out others on your own and not be afeard of unenviable yourself beside Pronunciation Gaffes.

(As a shrink for thirty-some years, I abhor to do this to you-use the "should" word, but I gotta do it present.)

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A Rule: When you have two "c's" together, the original C is noticeable like a K, the 2nd similar to an S.

ACCEDE should be ak-SEED

ACCELERATE should be ak-SELL-uhr-ate

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ACCESSIBLE should be ak-SESS-i-buhl

ACCESSORY should be ak-SESS-or-ee

ECCENTRIC should be ek-SEN-trik

FLACCID should be FLAK-sid

Only once within are mirror image S's are they pronounced near solely the S blare. i.e. as-SESS.

Middle Eastern countries are incredibly substantially in the news these life. It's nice to articulate a person's countryside right. In the suitcase of IRAQ and IRAN the I's are not pronounced "eye", but a brief i, as in BIT. If you poverty to get fancy, it sounds some beautiful and reliable if you can impudent the R.

The A's are broad: Iraq is not "eye rack" It is "i-ROCK"; Iran is not "eye ran". It is "i-RON".

Here are a few of the lines I'm hearing usually mispronounced:

CANDIDATE is CAN-di-date (Pronounce both D's)

ECHELON is ESH-e-lon

ETC. (etcetera) is eht-SEH-ter-a (No K good)

NUCLEAR is NOO-klee-uhr (Think of new and noticeable.)

PATHOS is PAY-thohs (Not thahs.)


VULNERABLE is VUL-ner-a-buhl (Sound the prime L.)


I hope this trivial foray to the lexicon will distribute you the sureness to use these outstandingly nice voice communication next to the confidence that you're pronouncing them truly.

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