Thyme is a herbaceous plant that has been cultivated for centuries for some its medicative and cookery uses.


The use of thyme has been tape-recorded since 3000BC once the Sumerians in use it as a medicinal component while the Egyptians nearly new it in the mummification route.

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The speech ~thyme" comes from a Greek sound worth ~to fumigate". It was nearly new in Greek temples as compound and both the Greeks and the Romans use it for its sanative properties. Among the Greeks, herb denoted flowing elegance, to fragrance of herb(TM) was meant as acknowledgment to those next to good method.

During the Middle Ages, herbaceous plant was thoughtful a allegory of pluck and women made scarves next to adorned sprigs of herb on them to be well-worn by their knights who marched into brawl.


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Thyme can be recovered mushrooming on dry banks and heaths, Greece hillsides and through the Mediterranean, Europe and the British Isles. The complex has many 6 to 10 inches long birch stems splashy in crumbly curls and flattish bulbous leaves that change in pairs. Its flowers are blueish purple, two-lipped and organic process in clusters from May to September.

The oil of this elflike plot of ground vascular plant is a clear, grey yellow gooey near a sweet, fresh fragrance same that of verdure.

Health Notes

The importantly cleansing properties of thyme generate it a undivided element in bactericide mouthwash, cleansing lotions, commercialised disinfectants and toothpastes. Due to its therapeutic virtues, herb was nearly new by the British military service to treat sufferers soldiers during World War Two.

Thyme is honest for relieving metabolic process problems, colds, flu, symptom and wound throat. It may besides be in use to limitless congestions caused by passageway and alleviates asthma.

Recent research has found herbaceous plant to recline the fine viscus muscles to aid digestion.

Thyme is soothing to the nerves, which is rejuvenating to mind, production it ideal for treating reduction or lassitude.

Although herb is a penchant of bees, it is also a right beasty and moth repellent. Caution Use herbaceous plant oils in degree and to give up during maternity because it is a female internal reproductive organ stimulative.

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