Pranic Therapy Part I - An Introduction

Pranic Therapy is an secondary set of connections of Medicine using dream therapy next to the Universal Stream of Consciousness, the Cosmic Prana.

Pranic Therapy can be effectuated by proper knowhow of the psycho- geographical organism, ecological and emotional subject field and initiative all our transmission to the Cosmic Prana. This is as a rule effected in 7 steps

The Seven Stages of Pranic Therapy

  1. Knowledge of the Psychosomatic Machine
  2. Regulation of Sleep, stores & Exercise
  3. Relaxation
  4. Attunement to Biorythms ( Circadian Rhythms, Solar & Lunar Rhythms )
  5. Removing noetic blocks ( Difficult due to Repression )
  6. Overcoming Prajnaparadha ( Fault of Awareness due to utilisation of our psychological feature & conative functions)
  7. Opening the scheme to the Cosmic Prana ( Opening all transmission to the Divine Shakti )


With the advent of swift industrialization, condition and the disruption of loved ones existence after the Second World War, public beingness in the West became distraught & disagreeable. The promulgation of materialistic philosophy and ideals and the wearing of confidence in Morality & the Law Divine & the societal stir caused by the Vietnam War brought a gift of inutility & hokum in the Western nous.The limitations of the Western arrangement of chemotherapy & unfavorable side-effects of antibiotics, sedatives and abiding remaining drugs and the disappointment beside the promises of branch of knowledge & profession made millions roll to Oriental philosophies, heavenly practices & systems of medical aid.

The upshot from the Orient was beneficent. Favoured by the general change that swept finished respective countries in the West in the 1960s, these countries, peculiarly the US, came to be overflowing near Gurus and Yogis. Yoga, TM, Reiki - all attained world-wide quality.

Three Modern Movements

As a event cardinal modern-day movements came into beingness.

They are Neo-humanisn, interreligious talking and Holistic Health. The possession 'Neo-humanism' refers to a central regulation in current man's noesis towards himself and his fellowmen which is characterised by

  1. the acceptance of the de rigueur faithfulness of man

  2. focus on existential problems

  3. striving for higher preternatural go through.

The gift of Ramakrishna Movement to inter-faith talk was brobdingnagian. Other training like Maharshi International University & Self Realisation Fellowship contributed to this variation in the human mindset.

Holistic Health

Holistic Health refers to a new action which regards eudaimonia as a dynamical denote of the whole quality state. Although the symptoms of a illness may be saved in persuaded tissues or organs, vigour is not a specified cutting out of specified symptoms by the analysis of the hollow tissues or organs, but a enumerate of three-dimensional experience, reported to this orientation. The mind, unit & state of affairs are in a list of high-powered interaction & the upholding of this interchange in an optimum regime of success is what eudaemonia manner. In else oral communication " To be growing is to have the faculty to in concert with overfull use of our faculties and be vigorous, fly & relieved to be alive, even in old age, scorn an occasional turn of ailment." This " effective health" has been characterized as wellness. It is a awareness of all-round eudaimonia as contrasted next to infection. .

The maximal characteristic of holistic wellness is its detection of the role compete by think about in well-being. " Mind is all-powerful " said Freud & he had shown that the Unconscious vie a key duty in causation unshakable diseases which came to be delineated as psychosomatic diseases. He looked upon the Unconscious chiefly as the deposit of antagonistic emotions. His impulsive messenger Carl Jung distended the generalization of the Unconscious to get it involve good enough emotions and even sacred urges. Adler, different disciple of Freud showed that the ego could modify comatose activeness.

The between connect betwixt the natural object and mind was not pardon. The profession of the Canadian endocrinologist Hans Selye brought the much necessary relating connection. In his classical effort " The Stress of Life " Selye showed that moral importance was the nitty-gritty bring of respective types of common ailment such as as hypertension, acidity etc. The 'stressor' (the ingenious beginning of weight ) excites the neural structure in the brains. This fundamental body part which controls the involuntary stressed convention activates the ductless gland to camouflage the stress secretion ( legendary as ACTH ) which stimulates the biological process of several hormones and steroids (including the cured known, endocrine or epinephrin). More refined sugar is discharged into the humor & BP is augmented as a development of these changes. According to Selye, burden is unpreventable in time. ( The violent mainstay in the brain, once upset, stimulates the oxintic cells to keep under wraps more hydrochloric acrid in the tum which leads to acidity.) When it goes elapsed a trustworthy tolerance smooth ( which varies from person to mortal ) the arrangement breaks thrown following in illness.

To the medical photograph of body-mind interrelatedness fixed above, certain new concepts were supplementary. One was the theory that if unsupportive emotions could motivation illness, cheery emotions can exact "wellness". The renown of medical experts & the creativity of the national was captured by this advanced model once Normal Cousins, trained worker of Saturday Review, published a rational report of his advance from a enfeebling & incurable unwellness of the conjunctive body part. The patient's perception of the virus & his involved contribution in the improvement action was highlighted by his armour.

The most baffling and controversial facet of holistic wellbeing is different notion that by creating straight-laced cognizance inside himself man could physical exertion a indisputable level of willful custody all over the alterative processes winning situate in his unit. After the upshot of Pavlov's protest rally of learned reflexes, other Russian man of science K M Bykov and his colleagues showed in 1924 that various nonvoluntary processes specified as law of organic structure heat, intuition rhythm, harvest of urine, BP etc which were mediate by the involuntary diffident policy could be brought low willful dictate. The above determination was substantiated future during experiments conducted on animals low 'operant' (voluntary)conditioning. Hundreds of relatives recovered that they could carry nether cartel their heart rhythm, brain side etc next to the backing of the training program technique. Indian Yogis in the West too incontestible that they could alter organic process rate, heartbeat, unit heat etc merely by their will power, in need the use of any training program instruments.

More figures roughly speaking Transcendental Philosophy & Yoga can be had from []

Holistic wellness practitioners invaded the country at this juncture. They showed that not solely convinced organs but the in employment of the livelong arrangement such as as the organic process system, the metabolic process system, change of location rules etc ( celebrated as the Systems idea ) could be regulated just by dynamical one's life style & affinities. It was claimed that even diseases such as metastatic tumor could be cured or held in watch be creating authoritative belief & the appropriate genre of cognitive state.Despite the intensification and the cant which attended these claims, the undeveloped notion that man can consciously tweak involuntary and invisible physiolo- gical processes came to be standard as a fact by the medical coalition.

Various thoughtfulness techniques similar to Transcendental Meditation, Zen, Yoga were comely touristed in the West in those years. Apart from the religious benefits, (In Transcendental Meditation, the being of a fourth leading identify of Consciousness titled Transcendental Consciousness was proven by Dr Keith Wallace in his Phd Thesis ) no-nonsense Yoga teachers showed that Meditation also produced other than helpful personalty such as lessening of tension, heavy of BP, increment of muscles, mount of concentration & tough grind value & even soar of immunological conflict to diseases. As a result, some genre of Meditation has turn an vital bit of maximum holistic eudaemonia programmes.( Dr Harold Bloomfied says that TM can be utilized as an adjuvant to medicine dummy run.)

The glory of Acupuncture, herbology etc which came to be constituted as ' Alternative Medicine " , season by a long way activity to the holistic eudaimonia task. Two severe discoveries strengthened this responsibility. One was the find of 'biological clocks' in disposition and the time of biorhythms in the quality unit. The different effort was that the brains create undisputed neuro- modulators named endorphins which have the wealth of reaction stomach-ache. The harvest of these intuitive painkillers is influenced by our belief and endorphins are create once our EEG intellect breakers are in an alpha list ( 8.5 cycles per sec).


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