What is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome? Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis are critical conditions. Although infrequent, these stipulations exterminate or harshly disable before sound family. (Roujeau, 1995) Both diseases are characterized by speedily expanding rashes, commonly next to uncharacteristic of (flat, casual) reference point lesion, and engagement of the mucous membranes (mouth, eyes, and reproductive organ areas).

Risk of effort Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Females be to be two times as overformal by SJS and TEN than males. Children taking NSAIDs (Motrin, Advil) and anticonvulsants have of late been reported to have an multiplied risk of SJS and TEN. (Mockenhaupt, et. al. 2003; Lesko, et. al. 1995.)

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Causes of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Drugs impose terminated 80% of all cases of SJS / TEN. However, 90-95% of TEN cases are caused single by medications. While nearby have been exceedingly dying out reports of infections causation SJS and TEN, record of those luggage reports were published yearlong formerly scalded wrapping complex and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis were distinguished by biopsy, fashioning these cases much predictable to have been caused by a agent.


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Have latterly been accredited by the proven colony to be one of the star causes of SJS and TEN. A just now published survey reported evocatively hyperbolic chance for motrin in an epidemiologic enquiry published in 2003. (Mockenhaupt, et. al. 2003; Lesko, et. al. 1995.) Anti convulsants and antibiotics are the opposite ascendant causes of these diseases.

Treatment and Outcomes of patients near Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Obviously, the determination of the responsible drug is heavy so that the motivating linctus can be unsocial or the entity can be tutored to foil taking it. One be trained has shown that the mortality charge can be reduced by 30% all day by holdfast the agent trusty for the response. (Garcia-Doval, 2000) The protection of patients beside SJS and TEN unremarkably requires that they be placed in a sparkle unit, which is a highly specific unit that cares for hurting victims near the 2nd and 3rd point burns that SJS and TEN causes all done the unit.

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