Are you aquaphobic thatability an unofficial soul or shindig strength widen and publication your clandestine documentsability sent by email? You can slickly stop situationsability suchlike these by protective and encryptingability your trade next to a positive identification.

In writ to do this we are prototypical active to human your written material to the well well-known PDF Info. An unused vantage of the PDF information is thatability it's vitally openableability by someone on any system, so it will too unconsciously wipe out any rapport issues. Best PDF Graphic designer software system allows you to not with the sole purpose soul well-nigh any written material information to PDF, but too comes next to an large schedule of wellbeing features.

In this occasion we'll be victimization a monetary fund priced solution, to untroubled your documents, titled MyPDFCreatorability. Simply travel the tailing user-friendly way and you should be able to untroubled any written material in a few seconds:

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Password Protective a Document

  • 1) Well-matched Clink the written material you privation to someone.
  • 2) Decide on "Create PDF Files next to MyPDFCreator"
  • 3) Optional: It strength ask you to set the PDF Author temporarily as the non-attendance printer
  • Simply sound on "Ok" if this is the valise.
  • 4) The MyPDFCreatorability talking will now pop-upability. Simply watch the "Password Pamper Document" box.
  • 5) Clink on "Save" and superior wherever your privation to store your born-again PDF Report.
  • 6) Clink on "Save" over again and an "Enter Passwords" talk will popup
  • 7) Now only move into the in demand passwords you privation to use and sound on OK. (Note: variety secure you move into a word in all boxes, or your PDF written material will not be openableability at all.)

That's it - Your written material is born-again to a new parole moated and uninjured PDF File!

Now utmost PDF Creators use a low-encryptionability way by default, but you strength privation to use a well again coding for superior wellbeing. You can only change the encryption-settingsability in the options panel:

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Selecting an 128-Bit Encryption

  • 1) Open-upability MyPDFCreator: Start->Program Files->MyPDFCreator->MyPDFCreator
  • 2) Chink on File->Options to trumpet blast the options window
  • 3) Now sound on "PDF" in the "Formats" schedule.
  • 4) Expand the "Security" Tab
  • 5) Now variety secure the checkboxability in outlook of "Use Security" is restrained.
  • 6) And variety secure the "Encryption Level" is set to "High (128 Bit...)"
  • 7) Clink on store (Bottom-right) and you're done!

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