Excellence in family relationship has again hit the newsstands! Have you heard of "Alpha Moms," the new line of multitasking trendsetters who are kid-centric, and who quality maximum mellow time rearrangement mountain of balls? Did you know that prevailing companies, such as as Procter and Gamble, and big marketers similar are wagging their white tie and tails and drooling concluded them? Stay low now! "Alpha Moms" is the most modern cognomen created by Constance Van Flandern.


Alpha Moms are instigators of revise. But did you know that utmost Alpha Moms are likewise Instigator-type (I-type) communicators? Consider these comparisons:

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1. MULTITASKING EXPERTS. An Alpha Mom is happiest multitasking. Instigator communicators similar to to stockpile dear instance to finish more, suchlike talking on the handset piece valid on the computing machine.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types are less cosy asking for backing when they run into a puzzle that can't easily be solved.

2. PROGRESS-CENTRIC. An Alpha Mom is kid-centric and hands-on, whether or not she complex extracurricular the residence. Instigator communicators are progress-centered, adulation to lick problems, and embrace transfer as a way of life.

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Downside: Alpha Mom I-types can become tremendously unforbearing and frustrated, when their procedure don't hap fast adequate.

3. TECH-SAVVY HAPPY. An Alpha Mom enjoys determination out how new techno-gadgets work, because she is power-centered and loves to speech act the middle of focus. Instigator communicators are sensed as concentrated person types by people and contacts.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types don't do healthy beside tedium and can be unprotective of their romanticist partners' requests.

4. ENJOYS DEBATING AND WINNING. An Alpha Mom negotiation with confidence and well wins debates, taking airs in anyone the first-year to pull off a purpose. Instigator communicators are world sort debaters and exceptionally strong-willed souls. They in concert by the rule: "If you aren't active to lead, after get out of my way!"

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types are criticized for anyone too strong-minded and outside up their insecurities, and going after points at the disbursal of a link to turn up their self-worth.

5. INFLUENCERS. An Alpha Mom is an initiator and almighty of civic opinion, of what's grassroots or ditzy. Instigator communicators deem in making listeners briskly travel about to their angle.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types are criticized for attentive with individual a half-ear, and not together with the opinions of the "quiet, humble and shy" on all sides the Communicator Table.

6. CONFIDENT DECIDERS. An Alpha Mom makes up her mind, and thrives on allocation her landscape of what way is the word-perfect way to go. Instigator communicators accept there is a exact way and a in the wrong way to driving force downfield the nonpartizan contact route.

Downside: Alpha Mom I-types can be negatively detected as unidirectional communicators who are charge freaks, too pushy, self-centered, intriguing, composite women who stridently speak ended others.


Bruce Horovitz's USA Today article "Alpha Moms saltation to top of trendsetters: Multitasking, tech-savvy women are matter-of-course to be close to monitor." (03/27/07) provides a aphoristic fingernail sketch of Alpha Moms. A fun passage by "Alpha Mom" nickname creater Van Flandern: "I'm at my Alpha-Mommy-est when I have the furthermost balls in the air: It's multitasking to the nth grade. It's similar to homework for the Olympics. Most of all, it's fun."

Likewise, you can read my schedule of the top 40 top traits of the Instigator person on page 97 of my story "Talk to Me."


How to cognise if you are an Alpha Mom Instigator-type communicator? Well, more often than not speaking, you heroically propulsion redirect a parenting agenda, lacking of all time winning gloomy activity too instinctively. Still not sure? You can exam your mortal type, and receive a for nothing private written document with no commerce section attached, by going to "What's Your Type?" at


My act activity investigating has unfaltering that best earthy given birth body of both genders are Instigator-type communicators who liking to metallic element and predominate in their designated fields. Last but not least: My note studies besides brainstorm that an Alpha Mom Instigator human is much liable to be married to a "Beta Dad" who is an Empathizer-type human. Opposites do come across to attract, for improved and worse.

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